New MoveOn ad from the future: Those wingnuts you elected in 2010 have destroyed everything

Via io9, which notes that MoveOn’s webpage actually lets you personalize this vid with a name and photos if you’re so inclined. Reminds me of “The Dead Zone,” except instead of Christopher Walken trying to prevent nuclear war by assassinating Martin Sheen, we’ve got Olivia Wilde trying to prevent … I don’t know. The GOP merging with a corporation or something. The most interesting thing about this is that it’s played almost entirely for laughs, to the point where you’re left wondering why, precisely, you’re supposed to vote Democrat anyway. Or maybe that’s not the point; if you’re the sort whom this kind of ad would work on, you’re already committed to the left. All you need is a nudge to put on your shoes next Tuesday and walk down to the polling place. This seems like a long way to go for a nudge, but it’s your dime, kids. For the next one, try to get Christina Hendricks. That might actually make me reconsider ObamaCare.

Exit question: Are we sure that Olivia here knows which party is most likely to merge with corporations? Hmmmm.