Gloves off: Vets hammer Blumenthal for Vietnam lies in new McMahon ad

A week ago, she trailed by 10 points; today she trails by six and is smelling blood. This isn’t the first ‘Nam-themed spot she’s tried, actually, but it’s one thing to damn him with his own words and another to bring in a jury of his peers. Is there any more damaging attack ad in American politics than having a group of vets accuse someone of stolen valor? Ask John Kerry, I guess.

As a special bonus, below you’ll find a new one from the NRSC going after Joe “The Rifleman” Manchin, who’s suddenly back in the lead in West Virginia. Or at least, that’s what PPP would have you believe: As Jay Cost notes, their turnout model for Democrats is ridiculous. All you need to know about this ad is that, at present in WV, “Obama” is a curse word on the order of the F-bomb. As such, this spot is even more brutal than McMahon’s.