Blogger sure is going to miss these freaky deaky ads after the election

Yes, of course it’s directed by Ladd “Dale Peterson” Ehlinger, who’s carved out a sweet niche for himself as the go-to guy for little-known candidates desperately needing to make a splash. This one’s for John Dennis, a.k.a. Nancy Pelosi’s Republican challenger. If you’re wondering whether he stands a chance, well, since 1990 Madam Speaker hasn’t received less than 71 percent of the vote in her district — and the year she ran that “badly,” it was because Cindy Sheehan peeled a bunch of hard-hard-left liberals from her. (The Republican candidate finished a distant third.) In fact, in the glorious year of 1994, Pelosi won … 82/18. As things stand, the only question here is whether the big red wave will wash into her district and knock her below 70. Although I suppose there’s a chance that the rapidly approaching end of her speakership will so dispirit her that she’ll resign sometime in the next seven weeks, thus freeing the seat. Maybe? Please?

Inevitable exit question via Politico: Is this ad sexist?