Time for another “Chris Christie destroys teachers’ union shill” clip

It’s a bit long and not quite as magical as the last time he destroyed a teachers’ union shill, but in case you haven’t enjoyed any sweet, sweet Chris Christie porn lately, this will set you right. The last two minutes are the highlight, in case you can’t spare nine.

Incidentally, does this help redeem him for his treason to “true conservatism” in endorsing Mike Castle? One of the fascinating things about Christie is that, while he’s building a reputation for being in some respects RINO-ish if perhaps not quite full-blown RINO, his demeanor is completely incongruent with that. Center-right Republicans aren’t “supposed” to be fierce and pugnacious; they’re supposed to be milquetoasts, hesitant about which way to go on issues and willing to broker “six of one, half a dozen of the other” compromises to extricate themselves. This is a guy who, partly through force of personality, will end up making moderate stances on things like immigration more respectable to base voters. Not entirely respectable, but more respectable. A little ‘tude goes a long way!

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