Bad news: Levi Johnston's favorable rating in Alaska now at ... -66

Alternate headline: “Blogger pretty sure Palin doesn’t have to worry about Levi hurting her reputation anymore.”

One of the Conservatives4Palin people keeps e-mailing to remind me that PPP completely blew the Alaska Senate primary in its early polling and that Alaska is notoriously difficult to poll under any circumstance, which is why we shouldn’t believe their numbers showing 62 percent of Alaskans don’t want Palin to run for president or, per today’s data, that her favorable rating is only 37/55. Fair enough — that last figure does look ridiculous in light of Miller’s upset — but Levi’s rock bottom favorable rating seems oddly plausible, doesn’t it? According to PPP, these are the worst numbers they’ve ever recorded anywhere for anyone, John Edwards included. Could a gossipy, backbiting, “I’m sorry for being sorry” answer delivered while fame-whoring on CBS really drive someone down to -66 favorability? I’m thinking … yeah, probably.

Edwards’ 15/72 favorability on our January North Carolina poll had set the initial record for futility but Johnston matches the 72% unfavorable number while only 6% of Alaskans see him in a positive light. Those poll numbers probably don’t bode too well for his Wasilla Mayoral candidacy.

Johnston is reviled pretty universally across the board but he’s a little more popular with Democrats (15/61) than he is with Republicans (4/76) or independents (4/74).

It’s hard to muster a favorability rating lower than 6%- that’s about where the average person off the street we polled on a lark would be- so Johnson may hold this dubious distinction for a long time. Who besides like Hitler or Osama Bid Laden do you think we could poll who would be less popular in some particular state?

Any reason to post this aside from the slow-news-day giggle factor and the fact that it means his campaign for mayor of Wasilla is likely to end happily for Palin fans? Actually, yes: This is the second reminder in two days that some of her enemies are so ugly in their willingness to take her down that they can’t help but discredit themselves in the process. Vanity Fair will recover because, let’s face it, its readers don’t care if they smear her, but I fear Ricky Hollywood’s path to success has now gotten very rocky. You feel for him, don’t you?

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