Ed Schultz: I could draw 300,000 people to the Mall like Beck did

Remember, this is the same guy who allegedly threw a nuclear tantrum a few weeks ago because he wasn’t big enough shakes to make it into an MSNBC promo. And yet … isn’t he right about the unions? Surely, my friends, there are enough Obama-crony labor leaders in America to order 300,000 long-suffering dues-payers to the Mall to hear Ed Schultz unleash the voices in his head. If the Secretary of Education is willing to stoop to something like that, why wouldn’t Richard Trumka? Imagine the magnificent sea of purple t-shirts in front of the Washington Monument. Edstock — sponsored by SEIU.

The best part here? The self-reassuring, ever so slightly frantic repetition of “I know I could!” Exit question: Why doesn’t he do it then? Click the image to listen.

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