Democratic Party leader says he dislikes the British, thinks Americans are "simple-minded"

No, not that Democratic Party leader. I mean the other Democratic Party leader with a five-letter surname that starts with “o” and ends in “a”. You didn’t seriously think The One would say something like this aloud, do you?

I think he learned his lesson last time.

A key figure in Japan’s ruling party dubbed Americans “simple-minded” in a speech to fellow lawmakers Wednesday.

It was not clear what prompted the remarks by Democratic Party heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa at a political seminar, in which he otherwise paid tribute to Americans’ commitment to democracy, saying it was something Japan should learn from.

“I like Americans, but they are somewhat monocellular,” the former Democratic Party leader said. “When I talk with Americans, I often wonder why they are so simple-minded.”

He also dislikes the British, but admires the way they made POWs march in “The Bridge on the River Kwai” or something. So there you go; potentially, this is the guy we’ll be partnering with in a year or two to keep China and North Korea in check.

As I have no conclusion to this post, I offer you a snippet from McCain’s victory speech last night in which he promises to repeal ObamaCare. He’s not taking off that elephant costume just yet!