Cavuto's prediction: Obama won't run for a second term

I don’t know why this idea is suddenly in vogue, but Ace wrote about it a few days ago, then Toby Harnden turned out a much-linked piece on it for the Telegraph, now here’s Cavuto making conservative hearts flutter by predicting that O is one and done. I assume it’s Obama’s newly abysmal polling that has people thinking this way, with his aggregate weekly job approval rating reaching a new low in Gallup last week (although his daily rating’s begun to rebound slightly). The idea appeals to me both for obvious reason and because it plays off the media’s meme of what a supposedly successful, accomplished president Obama already is. If he’s already achieved so much, wonders Cavuto, why bother with a second term? But … seriously? The One, turning down another shot at the most powerful job in the world? If there was some sort of “global pope” position he could run for instead, that might tempt him, but I can’t see him hanging up his messiah laurel just to go write books and play 72 holes a day. What his ego needs is a job where he can make law via ipse dixit, handing down pronouncements about the way things should be like Moses descending from Mount Sinai with the tablets. If only there were a job like — hey, wait a minute.