Chuck Schumer: These "sour" voters don't appreciate all that we've done for them

Via Ace, you ingrates are way too critical. Although, in your semi-defense, it may be that you’re simply too stupid to know what’s good for you.

Asked why the Democrats are still expected to lose seats in November after passing major bills like healthcare reform, credit card reform, a fair-pay act and Wall Street reform, Schumer said voters are frustrated and don’t feel the effects of the legislation.

“It’s the world we’re in. It’s a much more negative, critical world, and people are sour now,” he said. “The thing they’re most sour about is the future, not the present. In other words, if people were sure that things would be better five years from now, they’d be less sour.

“Given that, I think people are more negative right now across the board — the right wing is more negative, the left wing is more negative, the center is more negative. That’s how it is.”…

“People think all of these things are good, but are they making my life better? And the two most major things we’ve done haven’t had much of an effect yet because when you do major, major legislation, it doesn’t take effect the next day,” he said.

Yeah, I don’t know. My sense is that the public’s pretty darned “sour” about the present too, thanks to an unemployment problem that was glossed over for months in Congress while the Democrats jerked around with ObamaCare. As for major legislation not taking effect immediately, okay — but weren’t we told after the stimulus passed that the biggest effects would be felt by the end of 2009? What exactly constitutes “the next day” in Schumerese? The end of Obama’s second term, maybe?

Look on the bright side, though: If Harry Reid does go down in flames on election day, the next majority leader will be as abrasive and tone-deaf as he is. (Assuming the Democrats keep control of the Senate, natch.) And speaking of tone-deafness, have you thanked a hard-working, stressed-out White House staffer for their sacrifice on your behalf lately? If not, at least bear it in mind for perspective if/when you finally get pink-slipped; some poor bastards have to work 14-hour days in the seat of global power. For you. Note from Linda Douglass and colleagues: You’re welcome.