Al Franken to Mitch McConnell: Hey, sorry for acting like a jackass during your Kagan speech

Alternate headline: “Senate’s ‘Al Franken decade’ going to be an awfully long one.” What’s amazing about this is that, literally from day one, Franken has worked hard to suppress his jerkier impulses in the interest of being taken seriously as a politician. He’s done well enough thus far, but lately he’s been getting bored and just maybe a little distracted by the looming GOP tidal wave, so the pressure holding back the geyser of jackassery within ain’t quite as strong as it used to be.

Come on, Old Faithful, show us what you got.

Franken, who was presiding over the chamber from the dais, gesticulated and made faces while McConnell explained his opposition to Kagan, according to witnesses…

McConnell grew increasingly angry as Franken made fun of him before a crowded public gallery and Senate aides lining the chamber walls. Senate aides said they were shocked that Franken would flout the decorum of the chamber during such a solemn occasion.

After McConnell finished his remarks, he walked up to the dais and rebuked him.

“This is not ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Al,” McConnell said, making reference to Franken’s career as a writer and actor on NBC’s long-running comedy show, according to a witness who overheard the exchange.

Franken’s subsequent apology:

“The leader thought I was disrespectful while he was giving his speech on General Kagan,” Franken said in a statement to POLITICO. “He is entitled to give his speech with the presiding officer just listening respectfully. I went directly to his office after I was done presiding to apologize in person. He wasn’t there, so I’ve sent him a handwritten note.”

At least he didn’t cut him off like he did Lieberman, but give him time: If he’s already sufficiently far gone to shock Senate aides with how much of an A-hole he can be, I’m sure there’s more to come in the months ahead. As for McConnell, here’s your ironic headline of the day.