Important: Lady Gaga offers thoughts on Arizona's immigration law

Via Ace, a new step in LG’s accelerated retracing of Madonna’s career arc. First she was a party girl, then a diva, then a hyper-sexualized performance artist, then an aggressive blasphemer, and now she’s the tedious political partisan. She’s against the Arizona law, of course, because we’re all superstars on the inside or something, but interestingly, she’s quite lucid about how useless and egotistical the musician boycott of the state is. In fact, the funniest part comes when she makes that point to the audience and they go nuts. Either they’re really tired of the boycotts too, their opposition to the law notwithstanding, or they’re just super-excited to see her live in the flesh, dropping F-bombs in the service of “justice.”

If you see only one clip this year of an overexposed dance queen weighing in semi-coherently on immigration policy, let it be this one. Content warning.