Video: Who's up for another insanely slick ad from the Republican Governors Association? Update: Old?

Via the Right Scoop. Even Mediaite, in full sneer at the content, can’t help gawking at how remarkably high the production values are. That’s par for the course with the RGA, though. The famous “Remember November” ad from a few months ago was one of the only spots in recent memory that went viral not because of any gimmick in the script but purely by virtue of the atmospherics. Take some recycled footage, add the right ominous music, trick things out with MTV-style editing to create a sense of cyclonic disorientation and voila — you’ve got the RGA special. A staffer told the Daily Caller last time that “Remember November” was cooked up by young staff members, but consider me skeptical. This is just too darned slick.

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Update: Very strange. I’m seeing lots of coverage online of the RGA ad over the last day or two (the ad is, after all, entitled “14 Weeks,” i.e. 14 weeks until election day), but it looks like the RGA actually released this spot back in March. Maybe it’s a reissue?