Video: Helpful government employee teaches you how to use federal health-care website

Via MKH, who notes — with video evidence — that this is actually an improvement over the sort of dead-eyed propaganda typically churns out. Interested in finding out what plans you’ll be eligible for until premiums inevitably start to skyrocket and wreak havoc with the industry? The answer’s just a click away, my friends:

Obama’s tour of the site reveals that a hefty part of it is dedicated to teaching us about all the things Obamacare could maybe mean for us under the rosiest of predictions and without regard for unintended consequences. So, if you’re a person who’s having trouble getting health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, never fear! There’s a tab on the homepage, which clearly states your problem is solved. If you’re a person who’s worried about losing your current insurance when government mandates kick in and your employer finds it more advantageous to dump you on the government, the site boasts a web video that clearly restates demonstrably false Obama talking points about being able to keep your insurance plan. See? Problem solved. Aren’t you glad the president taught you how to use this site?

Obama tells the story of David Gallagher, who was denied insurance coverage because he had had a hernia in the past, stipulating that by 2014, no insurance company will be able deny him coverage for a preexisting condition. In the meantime, however, David can use to learn about the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans offered by the health care reform bill. Those are the same plans that the administration admitted in July will probably have to turn away sick people when they run out of money before 2014.

Not available yet but doubtless coming soon: The public option app. If you’re wondering why the White House would take the unusual step of having The One dorking out at the keyboard here instead of Sebelius or Gibbs, that’s easy. They’re terrified at the thought of the beating they’re going to take over O-Care in the midterms and therefore desperate to remind the public of the provisions in it that poll well. A video starring some White House lackey won’t create any buzz, but sit the surfer-in-chief down with a laptop in front of some earnestly august library backdrop and even I’ll watch. Hey champ: Just wondering — which book on the shelf there will help us decipher this alien hieroglyphic? Any idea?

Exit question: Given the fact that it’s seniors, in particular, whom the Dems are trying to educate about the bill and woo in November, is a tech-heavy approach really the smart way to go here?