Bad news: Beloved cultural icon turns to life of crime

Alternate headline: “Not even Sith Lords safe from recession.” I’ll give you four theories for why this costume instead of any other. One: He’s that much of a fan. This is “Star Wars” we’re talking about, after all. Two: He was nervous about pulling the job, needed a get-up that would put him in the proper commanding mindset, and — bingo. Three: He wanted to get the people inside the bank to lower their guards so that he could surprise them and dressing up like the world’s biggest nerd was one way to do it. Quoth Gothamist: “[F]or the first time in history, a grown man in a Star Wars costume successfully stopped people from laughing at him.” Four: He knew that the sheer goofiness of this caper would earn him some goodwill, which in turn could mean a lighter sentence if he’s caught. Hey, there’s always the chance that the judge is a giant nerd too.

Actually, I suppose there’s a fifth: He’s building a new Death Star. They don’t come cheap, you know.