New Chris Christie video: How'd you like those first six months in office, huh?

His ad team must have been sorely tempted to lard this one up with snippets from Christie’s greatest viral hits, crowned of course by the media dressing-down heard ’round the world. They resisted, which is too bad: This is a useful quickie rundown of his achievements thus far but it won’t get one-tenth the views on YouTube that it might have gotten had they sexed it up with clips of CC in confrontation mode. In fact, at 54 seconds in, you’ll see a quote flash by indicating Christie’s opposition to drilling off the coast of New Jersey, which tells me that this clip actually wasn’t aimed at the vast audience of conservative blog readers who have turned him into a Republican rock star. Granted, he’s the governor of a blue state and needs to throw the left a bone here and there, but how many Jerseyites are going to watch this vid compared to grassroots righties spread out around the country?

Interesting that he featured Newark Mayor Cory Booker in the clip too. Booker’s a Dem but seems like a good man, and joined forces with Christie in supporting a 2.5 percent property tax cap. Doubtless he’s here to impress Jersey Dems with Christie’s capacity for bipartisanship, but that also has national repercussions as CC’s reputation for being a Republican bulldog grows. If/when he finally runs for higher office, centrists will want to know that he can work with the other side. Booker is an example.