Pew: Near majorities oppose ObamaCare and DOJ suit against Arizona

The public’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is less Hopenchange. Opposition to O-Care’s actually grown by a few points since April, from 40/44 to 35/47, which is a welcome result given the signs we’ve been seeing of the public getting comfortable with its giant new boondoggle. As for the DOJ suit:

That’s the national result; in the prized swing state of Pennsylvania, opposition to the lawsuit is running at a cool 27/60. In The One’s semi-defense, you can see from these numbers why the case is arguably a good move for him politically. It pleases his base of Democrats and young voters, which may boost turnout, and the effect on independents will probably be muted by whatever the outcome of the suit is. If the DOJ wins, at least some indies will decide that Obama was right about the statute all along; if the DOJ loses, all’s well that ends well in court. O will give some sort of brief speech about how disappointed he is with the outcome while vowing to work with Jan Brewer and the states going forward on border enforcement, and that’ll smooth things over well enough on this issue with anyone who wasn’t dead set on voting for the GOP all along. Exit question: Is the DOJ lawsuit actually a genius move? (Exit answer: No.)