AFL-CIO economist to Cavuto: You're an A-hole

Via Greg Hengler. Finally, after a year and a half, the stimulus produces something useful: A golden TV moment. The money bit comes at around 4:05, but the whole thing’s worth watching; at the very least I’d recommend starting at 2:40 to get a flavor for the conversation. I understand Cavuto’s frustration with ye olde “created or saved” spin, but … he’s really badgering the guy. And the crack about getting his economics degree at a baking school when Blackwell’s making an orthodox Keynesian point about spending to limit the recession is way over the top for someone not prone to tossing those sorts of grenades. Neil’s supposed to be the nice Fox host!

In any event, there’s no question who’s won this argument on the GOP side, even in the minds of Scott Brown and Olympia Snowe. Thanks to united Republican opposition, Reid’s finally given up and pulled the new jobs bill from the Senate floor. Exit quotation from stimulus supporter Susan Collins: “Given our nation’s astronomical federal deficit and the continued troubled economy, the last thing Congress should be doing is passing bills that increase taxes on small businesses and further stifle the economy.”