Darrell Issa ready to send dozens of investigators after Dems if GOP retakes House

On the one hand, one could argue that the GOP should use its return to power to push conservative policy ideas, not engage in divisive recriminations against the White House aimed at painting the Democrats as some sort of political mafia ahead of 2012.

On the other hand, what if they are a political mafia? What would Henry Waxman do?

Rep. Darrell Issa, the conservative firebrand whose specialty is lobbing corruption allegations at the Obama White House, is making plans to hire dozens of subpoena-wielding investigators if Republicans win the House this fall…

Issa has told Republican leadership that if he becomes chairman, he wants to roughly double his staff from 40 to between 70 and 80. And he is not subtle about what that means for President Barack Obama.

At a recent speech to Pennsylvania Republicans here, he boasted about what would happen if the GOP wins 39 seats, and he gets the power to subpoena.

“That will make all the difference in the world,” he told 400 applauding party members during a dinner at the chocolate-themed Hershey Lodge. “I won’t use it to have corporate America live in fear that we’re going to subpoena everything. I will use it to get the very information that today the White House is either shredding or not producing.”

Follow the link for quotes from anonymous Dems attempting to discredit Issa personally before he gets the gavel. Politico makes an excellent point: Since it’s unlikely that the GOP will retake the Senate, there won’t be much legislation originating in the House that ends up with Obama’s signature. Nothing to do for two years, in other words, except hold hearings. Which, of course, helps explain why Issa’s been so dogged in pursuing the Sestak scandal and why, in his own clumsy way, Joe Barton was eager to introduce the idea of an Oval Office “shakedown” of BP into the national debate. In order to counter the inevitable Democratic screeching about an Issa-led witch hunt if/when Republicans take back the House, the GOP first has to make sure the public understands that there really are witches out there worth hunting. I’m not sure that case has been made yet to the satisfaction of the general public, but it surely has on the right. Oh well — still six more months for new scandals to erupt before the new Congress is seated!

Incidentally, if you’re wondering what an Issa oversight hearing might sound like, Ace has got you covered.