South Carolina voter: I voted for Alvin Greene because ... his name reminded me of Al Green

It’s as good a theory as any other. Two things here. First, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be a candidate for U.S. Senator from New York this year under my new legal name, Harrison Forde. Second, is Al Green so well known to the public that it’s remotely plausible Alvin Greene could have gotten 59 percent on the strength of his name recognition? I like “Let’s Stay Together” as much as the next guy, but 59 percent?

Two clips for you here, actually. The second is of Alvin Greene’s interview this afternoon with … Mark Levin. (Yes, that Mark Levin.) ML actually goes easy on him, except for a bit of awkwardness at the end where Greene, um, can’t remember Jim DeMint’s name. Exit question: Can we replace this guy with the real Al Green? Click the (second) image to listen.

Update: I’m kicking myself for not having thought of this first: “Vic Rawl should have changed his name to Lou.”