Video: The obligatory "Carly Fiorina caught on open mic" video

CNN’s got it, has already posted it, so it should be viral within an hour or so. It’s a small comfort to know that here, unlike with her gaffes during campaign 2008, she didn’t know the mic was on when she started yapping. (Memo to Carly: The mic is always on.) Nothing too terrible results, thankfully: There’s a cheap laugh near the end about how awful Barbara Boxer’s hair is, but most of the clip is consumed with her wondering aloud why Meg Whitman would start the general election in a blue state by appearing on the show of stalwart righty Sean Hannity. Which … is a fair question, actually. But then Fiorina says, “Sean Hannity is not an easy interview.” Really? For a Republican candidate?

She’s also wrong about Whitman never having appeared before on Sean’s show, but that’s neither here nor there. Exit question: On a scale of one to 10, where does this rate on the gaffe-o-meter?