Video: Ron Paul denounces Israel's flotilla raid, of course

No surprise here. Remember when he called Operation Cast Lead, which was Israel’s response to thousands of Hamas rocket firings, a case of “preemptive war”?

America’s Greatest Patriot wants you to believe he’s a study in non-interventionist neutrality, with his knocks on Israel a mere function of the fact that we continue to prop them up with foreign aid. Because the U.S. is kinda sorta responsible for their behavior, goes the logic, they’re fair game for criticism. Why he’d want to maintain a posture of neutrality between Israel and an eliminationist outfit like Hamas, I have no idea, but lay that aside. Amoral neutrality doesn’t excuse his use of propaganda — as impartial news sources have noted, Gaza isn’t “starving” — nor does it explain his relentless attempts over the past several years to minimize the threat from Iranian nuclear weapons. It’s one thing to say our Iran policy is making things worse, it’s quite another to pretend that regional war, possibly with a nuclear component, in the Middle East wouldn’t much matter to America if we just hurried up and got our troops out. I can’t tell if this guy doesn’t realize or simply doesn’t care that opening up Gaza’s port will mean more arms in the hands of more fanatics, which means more of a chance of war and thus a more precarious position for U.S. interests. But let this serve as yet another reminder that, for all the grief we give The One on foreign policy, we can do much, much worse. And not just on the left either.