Video: Chris Christie vs. the teachers union -- director's cut

You’ve already seen the key part, but just keeeeeep watching. It’s worth it. His latest approval rating’s at 44/42, but like Ace says, that ain’t bad for a Republican governor in a blue state during a nasty recession who spends his days railing against spending and unions and insta-vetoing tax hikes on millionaires. While also churning out the dirtiest, most gratifying “common sense porn” on the market, of course.

Who’s winning this ideological war?

Three of five voters, 60 percent, continue to say the state should hold the line on spending even if many programs are reduced, while just a quarter, 23 percent, say the state should raise taxes if necessary and continue to support state programs…

Similarly, 61 percent say it’s a good idea to raise the retirement age for public employees to 65 years of age from 62, while 33 percent disagree, and public employees split again 45 to 51 percent.

By a two-to-one margin, 64 percent to 31 percent, voters say it’s a good idea to ask school teachers not to take a pay increase for the coming year, and public employee households agree, 57 to 36 percent.

He claims that his budgets for the next two years won’t require any new taxes or significant further cuts, so his approval has nowhere to go but up. Exit question: Is it time for a Chris Christie office webcam?