Video: RGA rips media for smearing "Remember November" ad

Remember that ad? Ultra-slick, ultra-effective, and therefore instantly demagogued by Time magazine and MSNBC as being a coded embrace of the alleged domestic-terrorist vogue sweeping those darned tea-party wingnuts. Because, see, “Remember November” sounds like “remember, remember, the fifth of November,” which is an old British rhyme about insurrectionist Guy Fawkes, and … well, that’s close enough. Ten days later, here’s the RGA getting its boots on after the media’s lie has already traveled halfway around the world. My only critique? Time’s Michael Scherer, who I believe started the nonsense about Fawkes, gets a pass while Matthews and Dylan Ratigan get hammered. Is Time too low-profile to bother with anymore?

Consider this yet another point in favor of “epistemic closure,” incidentally. When you can’t rhyme “remember” and “November” without being accused of condoning terrorism, what’s left to talk about? Click the image to watch.

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