Obama: I have a lot in common with Australia's "humble" PM

Via Breitbart. Actually, I’m posting this to correct a mistaken impression from one of this morning’s Headlines items: As you’ll see, The One does not, in fact, say that he and Kevin Rudd share the virtue of humility. That was the interviewer’s characterization. What he says is that they share a “world view” — which is true, they’re both leftists — and then segues into praising Rudd’s finer qualities, one of which is humility. Surely you didn’t think that a guy who once described himself as the LeBron of politics, who’s been known to remark upon his “gift” in front of prominent Democrats, and who flatly admits to reporters that his ego is, ahem, “healthy,” is under any illusions about his own humility, did you? A guy who started showing off his own homemade presidential seal four months before Election Day 2008? A guy who lists as one of his ten favorite songs of all time a hymn written and sung by celebrities about how awesome he is? If you want to scoff at something here, scoff at Obama once again describing himself, preposterously, as a problem-solving pragmatist. Only in the Hopenchange universe does adding a giant new federal health-care benefit to America’s already unsustainable entitlement load qualify as “solving a problem.”

Now, admit it. If you were pulling in $5.5 mil a year, you’d have a healthy ego too.