Video: McCain hits Hayworth with an atomic snark bomb

Even snarkier than the legendary “Celebrity” ad that he dropped on Obama two years ago, if you can believe it. This isn’t first time he’s linked JDH to Birtherism, but the earlier spot was solemn and limited to that single issue. This one’s flush with sarcasm and aimed at making a more comprehensive case that Hayworth’s a crank and, well, a moron, per the citation of the “dumbest congressmen” feature in Radar(!). Is it worth noting that Hayworth’s been backpedaling from the Birther crowd for weeks or that his man/horse argument was a legal point, not a moral one? If it is, then there you go. Exit question one: How often do you hear the words “I know he sucks” in political commercials? Exit question two: How many hours before Warner Bros. makes them pull the ad over the “Mars Attacks!” footage? Over/under is six.

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