Video: The best movie review you'll ever see -- the sequel

Normally I have no patience for multi-part YouTube vids but his takedown of “The Phantom Menace” was so sharp, funny, and creative that I made it through seven parts and 70, count ’em 70, minutes. Now comes the inevitable sequel, the critique of “Attack of the Clones” — a.k.a. “the worst thing ever made by a human.” Part one is embedded below; you’ll find the other eight (really!) on his YouTube page. The schtick here, of course, is that he hates the movies so much that he’s compelled to pull them apart in a sort of epic video Fisking, but that’s not the ultimate point. What he’s really trying to do is show that he can make a more entertaining movie out of Lucas’s raw materials than Lucas can. And damned if he isn’t right.

The F-bomb is sporadically dropped and the humor, especially near the end, is dark — the “woman in the basement” joke is a goof on the social lives of obsessive Star Wars fanboys, but it’s still dicey — so please observe your official content warning.

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