The obligatory "Fox News pulls LL Cool J segment from Palin's show" post

Worth posting if only to watch the comments turn on a dime from yesterday’s “Good for LL!” sentiment to “LL is a has-been!”

Is there nowhere this poor woman can turn without having controversy follow her? Heckuva job, Fox PR department:

In a Twitter posting late Tuesday, the entertainer wrote that “Fox lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else & are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote Sarah Palins Show. WOW.”…

“Contrary to what was reported, LL Cool J was never scheduled to be a guest on ‘Real American Stories’ with Sarah Palin this week,” Rhett Usry, the artist’s spokesman, said in a statement on Wednesday. “The show had planned to use an interview from 2008 that was being repurposed without LL’s permission.

“This statement is not a reflection of any feelings LL has toward Fox News or Ms. Palin, whom he has never met, rather a clarification of what we have seen published in the media.”

The Foxies’ none-too-subtle reply:

A Fox News spokesperson tells TVNewser, “Real American Stories features uplifting tales about overcoming adversity and we believe Mr. Smith’s interview fit that criteria. However, as it appears that Mr. Smith does not want to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others, we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career.”

Conservatives 4 Palin insists that FNC’s press release touting LL’s appearance didn’t misrepresent anything. Really? See for yourself. It doesn’t explicitly say that Palin would be interviewing the guests, but it clearly means to leave you with that impression. And no wonder: What’s more likely to get you to tune in, the thought of Sarahcuda swapping life lessons with the man behind “Mama Said Knock You Out” or a bunch of pre-taped interviews conducted by faceless producers separated by 30-second intros from Palin? They knew what they were doing.

LL’s not the only “guest” who thinks Fox misrepresented his appearance, either. Exit question: Isn’t the big problem with a hypothetical Palin chat show the fact that she’s more of a media draw than almost anyone she might have on as a guest? The same could be said of Oprah, but Oprah rose to mega-stardom as an interviewer; even today, you can watch her show and still maintain your focus on the subject of the interview. With Palin, you really can’t: Because she’s a prominent political figure and the object of utter media obsession, her questions would be scrutinized more than the subject’s answers. Which is precisely why the prospect of the LL interview was so fascinating.

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