Aw: Democrats ready to roll out the red carpet for tea partiers protesting tomorrow in D.C.

But … I thought they were “angry mobs” and “teabaggers” and evilmongering “evil-mongers.”

Why are the Democrats embracing evil?

In a memo sent to freshman and sophomore lawmakers, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), a member of the House leadership, urges lawmakers to make special accomodations to prepare for the protesters, ranging from refreshments to extra staff members…

Among the suggestions:

Consider having some light snacks, H2O, and coffee available;

Have multiple guest books/comment sheets available for all visitors to sign-in and leave comments;

Have a Capitol Directory and map available to direct visitors to their Member of Congress and written instructions on how to get over to the Senate side of the Hill;

Listen and communicate in small groups:

But lawmakers and their staff should also understand that the tea partiers are reacting merely to a “caricature of the reform bill presented by right-wing media outlets” and aren’t intimately familiar with the legislation, the memo says.

Conservatives have begun melting the phones but calls from non-constituents are being mostly ignored. Show of hands — who’s going tomorrow? And among those of you who are, who’s still so ignorant about the basics of the bill after month upon endless month of Obama speechifying that you need some Democratic backbencher to explain it to you? A few tips if you do find yourself inside some lucky Blue Dog’s office: Be sure to ask (a) what Pelosi’s bribing him with; (b) why, if Democrats are so confident about cost control, they had to rig the estimate on the first decade of costs by delaying the program’s start by five years (in fact, just hand your rep a copy of this); (c) how he/she can be so sure what’s in the bill when they’ll be busy writing it right at that very moment. Other suggestions are welcome in the comments.