Wow: Dems ready to join GOP in ousting Rangel?

Alternate headline: “Democrats very, very nervous about November.”

Republicans plan to bring to the floor this week a resolution calling for Rangel’s ouster as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Democratic aides say defections from vulnerable Democrats may give the GOP enough votes to prevail.

“It’s going to be very hard for us and others to vote against this,” said a senior aide to one vulnerable Democrats…

An aide to another vulnerable Democrat said embattled members — known collectively as “frontline Democrats” because of a party program to help with their re-election efforts — will have no choice but to vote to remove Rangel if the measure comes to the House floor…

[A] chief of staff to one lawmaker who is not in danger of losing to a Republican this year said even some politically safe lawmakers are ready to see Rangel go.

They need 39 Democrats to pass the resolution and they’ve already got 10 in the bank. Seven have said publicly that they’ll vote with the GOP and Walt Minnick, Frank Kratovil, and Rick Boucher are sure to bolt too given the beating they’re already taking over ObamaCare in their red districts. I’m honestly shocked: Given the Congressional Black Caucus’s support for Rangel, the politics of a Democratic schism will be poisonous, especially with Pelosi needing every last vote on health care. She could placate both sides by replacing Rangel with John Lewis, but she’d have to bypass a bunch of more senior Ways & Means committee members to get to him. Exit question: Does this put O-Care in even deeper jeopardy?

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