Obama phones Cheney after heart attack to wish him well

Remember when Limbaugh talked about lying in the hospital in Honolulu after his own heart attack and worrying that The One would swing by for the ultimate in awkward well-wishing chitchat? This is like that to the tenth power.

I was trying to figure out this morning how much I’d pay for a copy of the audio. $100 a minute? Maybe. Maybe.

President Obama called former Vice President Dick Cheney at home to wish him a speedy recovery from his latest heart attack, a rare truce in the fiery, arms-length debate the two have been having about national security over the last year.

A White House official said Thursday that the president called Mr. Cheney on Wednesday after the former vice president was released from George Washington University Hospital. Mr. Cheney was treated for what his office called a “mild heart attack,” his fifth over the last three decades.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. had previously called his predecessor while Mr. Cheney was still at the hospital. The White House did not announce Mr. Obama’s call on Wednesday but the official confirmed it in response to an inquiry. Mr. Cheney’s spokesman, Peter Long, said the former vice president “thanked him or the call and they enjoyed a pleasant, non-substantive conversation.”

Too bad it was “non-substantive.” When it comes to terror policy, they agree more often than they disagree.

Seriously, though, a gesture this classy deserves some recognition. Good for Obama for swallowing his pride and doing the presidential thing. Why, even Jim Treacher was moved to tip his cap to Barry O — and he just got run over by one of Obama’s guys. Talk about goodwill.

Exit question: Between the Cheney news and this morning’s rockin’ White House confab with the atheist all-stars, is this The One’s best day as president this year so far? Maybe. Maybe.

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