Lifelike Pelosi robot on Rangel: We. Are. The most ethical Congress. Ever.

Via CNS, an incredible simulation. It looks and sounds just like her, but its primitive programming forces it to resort to rote, moronic talking points even under circumstances that make them laughable. One fact I forgot to mention in last night’s Rangel post: As of early January, “the most ethical Congress ever” hadn’t punished a single congressman for ethics violations. Not one, despite the many, many imbroglios in which, to take a not-so-random example, Pelosi crony Jack Murtha was involved. In fact, seven more congressmen were exonerated of ethics charges just today despite their ties to the PMA lobbying group. Said Melanie Sloan, head of CREW:

What a surprise that the Ethics Committee would once again clear members of Congress of wrongdoing. Apparently, in the committee’s view, no member of Congress ever earmarks as a result of a campaign contribution. Of course, the committee also determined that PMA Group lobbyists and their clients universally believed that the chances of obtaining an earmark were directly related to the amount of campaign contributions they made to members of Congress. But, hey, why let a little inconsistency like that get in the way of clearing members of wrongdoing – the raison d’etre of the committee.

Even Rangel, admonished though he was, essentially got a wrist slap: The committee found that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he knew his trips to the Caribbean were corporate-sponsored despite the fact that his aides tried at least three times to let him know. From the AP:

The ethics committee report released Friday is important in determining how aware Rangel was that he was receiving corporate gifts. The powerful Ways and Means Committee chairman says he did nothing wrong because his staff never told him about corporate sponsors.

The report says investigators could not determine whether Rangel, D-N.Y., saw two staff memos to him in 2008 and a letter addressed to him in 2007.

In other words, despite a trail of documentary evidence, Rangel told the committee “Gee, I didn’t see it” and they decided, “Gee, maybe he didn’t see it.” That’s the most ethical Congress ever in action. No wonder some Democrats are panicking and calling for Rangel to step down. Take it away, Pelosi-bot.

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