Video: Palin responds to "Family Guy" on the Factor

A complement to this morning’s Facebook post. Even some lefties are taking her side on this one, but the Anchoress counters with an intriguing question: Did Sarahcuda miss an opportunity here?

Family Guy represented Chris’ date as having the common sense, social awareness and self-confidence than the (so-called) “normal” character lacked. The character says her mother is the Governor of Alaska. So?

What exactly is the victimization, here? The Down Syndrome character was respectfully rendered; the Governor of Alaska is the mother of a Down Syndrome child. By reacting as she has, all Palin has done is helped reinforce a notion that she is brittle and defensive and not-unwilling to play the victim card on behalf of Trig, who — she has admirably said, herself — is perfect, beautiful and will be participating in life and athletics and everyday challenges like everyone, and will be lucky enough to do it with a proud, loving and supportive family…

Were I Palin, I would have taken this cartoon in the best possible spirit: (regardless of how I thought it was meant) and commented:

It was gratifying to see Family Guy depict people with Down Syndrome as functional, social, courteous, outgoing and independent, and I was so glad to see it. In an era where the word “retard” gets thoughtlessly thrown around by even the most “sophisticated” of people, and when so many in the medical community are so quick to recommend aborting babies that are correctly (or sometimes incorrectly) diagnosed with Down Syndrome, my family and I so are grateful to the producers of The Family Guy; they had the insightfulness and generosity of spirit to help normalize the notion of what it means to live with Down Syndrome, and how full any life can be, even when the definition of “ordinary” becomes a little changed. While my family was not specifically named in that episode, we are proud to be associated with it.

A clever retort, although I can’t blame Palin for opening fire on a show that once implicitly compared her to a Nazi. Exit question: Did she drop the ball here or was a little outrageous outrage perfectly appropriate?

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