Video: The media's got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Palin crib notes

Via Media Blog, Breitbart, and Think Progress, a smattering of “insight” on the greatest political scandal of modern times: Sarah Palin’s crib notes. Of the three clips, the slo-mo replay in the CNN video is my very favorite moment, but Shuster’s “hmmm” and Mitchell’s hand-wringing over what public reaction would be had Mitt Romney done this (horrors!) are close seconds. Nate Silver’s point that writing on her hand plays into negative aspects of Palin’s image is fine, I guess — Obama’s silly “corpsman” gaffe resonated for the same reason — but I’m mystified by the hypocrisy charge. Goofing on Obama for being some sort of presidential Ron Burgundy with his teleprompter is now unfair because she used … a five-word list of bullet points?

It’s nice to see that Sarahcuda’s having fun with it, though. “Hi Mom!”

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