Ron Paul to Glenn Beck: Is the Fed secretly loaning money to the CIA for assassinations?

Via the Right Scoop. Have I misunderstood him or is that what he’s suggesting here? Ben Bernanke, New World Order mafia don? Skip ahead to 4:15 for the money part or listen from the beginning to hear him explain to Beck what he meant by those “CIA coup” comments. Not sure why he thinks the bombing at that CIA base was about “innocent people” killed in drone strikes in Pakistan — the bomber himself said it was revenge for the strike on Taliban chieftain Baitullah Mehsud — but the subtext of “You can’t separate the CIA from our foreign policy” is pretty clear. Translation: We started it. We always do.

Also, I’ve brought this up before but I’ll mention it again: When he says he doesn’t endorse the war because we don’t know who the enemy is, does he realize that he … voted for the 2001 AUMF in Afghanistan? The “enemy” wasn’t a whole lot clearer then. Has he ever formally repudiated that vote?

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