Audio: Glenn Beck apologizes to Scott Brown, sort of

Two clips via the indefatigable Right Scoop, the first from Beck’s appearance on Jay Severin’s radio show this afternoon and the second from his own show earlier in the day. He’s not sorry for the jokes about the dead intern or Brown having to wear a chastity belt — nor should he be, as I said in my first post about this — but he is sorry for making a big deal in the first flush of victory about Brown’s own joke on his daughters on election night. Good enough. The only thing left unanswered: Why he thought Brown’s joke was so inappropriate in the first place. The second clip is basically eight minutes of Beck warning his listeners not to be humorless scolds and “machine” hacks by getting on him just because he’s goofing on a Republican instead of a Democrat, but … that wasn’t the problem with what he said. The problem is that he mocked Brown for what was to most people, I think, actually an endearingly human moment at the podium. Quoth Ayla Brown: “My Mom and I said, Dad, ‘You always do that.’ It was really funny.”

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