Jackpot: Brown raised a million dollars a day every day this week

Yeah. Not just on Monday when that million-dollar moneybomb detonated. Every damned day this week.

The first ever moneycarpetbomb?

Knowledgeable sources in Massachusetts tell The Daily Caller that Republican candidate for Senate, Scott Brown, has raised at least $1 million dollars every day this week, most of it online.

Although Brown’s campaign touted Monday’s money-bomb fundraiser that brought in $1.3 million dollars, the campaign declined to confirm totals for other days this week.

“I can’t comment on figures,” said spokesman Felix Browne.

Here’s the donation page in case you haven’t gotten some of this action yet. Whatever happens next week, MKH (as usual) and Kos (for once) are right: Brown’s online haul from grassroots conservatives is groundbreaking stuff for the GOP, and don’t think the base’s populist heroes — starting with our friend Mr. Rubio — aren’t keenly aware of it.

Below, via Ace, an amusing goof on Coakley’s moronic campaign ads from radio host Michael Graham. If you believe Geraghty’s sources, the sheer nastiness and stupidity of the attacks could also be helping Brown out. Exit question: How much of Brown’s haul is coming from “Reagan Democrats”? Ace raised the point on Twitter that while high Democratic turnout is, of course, bad, a fair number of those Democrats may be primed to cross over due to exhaustion from the same old same old Massachusetts crap after so many years. PPP’s poll claimed last weekend claimed that Brown was pulling 17 percent of Dems compared to just six percent of Republicans breaking for Coakley. How many of those 17 percent are kicking in with cash?