Beck to Palin: Hey, how about a third party?

We all knew it was coming. Credit to her: She gave him the same answer, more or less, that she gave Rush a few months ago. There’s a little wiggle room at the very end about getting rid of pols who aren’t what Republicans should be, but I think she’s talking about primaries there, not third parties. Does that qualify as “haltingly semi-ambivalent”? Eh.

That’s the second half of the clip; the first is their joint invitation to SNL to let them co-host, which, given the guarantee of monster ratings, is surely being worked out even as I write this. (A brilliant idea, as a wise man once said.) I didn’t get to watch but was told on Twitter that the subject of atheism came up briefly, giving me momentary hope that they might both be about to dump on nonbelievers and thereby usher in the Hot Air traffic apocalypse. Alas. Exit quotation: “She’s the Gatekeeper, he’s the Keymaster, and there is no Dana only Zool.”