C-SPAN chief: We've been allowed to cover exactly one hour of ObamaCare negotiations

And of course that hour was nothing but a puppet show for the cameras. I wonder, given the fact that Obama’s now one for 14 on keeping his health-care promises, why this particular lie has caught fire in the media. Is it because it’s so easy to grasp, unlike the fiscal sleight of hand that’s been used to manipulate ObamaCare’s cost projections? Is it because Brian Lamb and C-SPAN are highly regarded by both sides of the aisle, leaving no one to ride to the White House’s defense here? Or could it possibly be that using transparency to drive special-interest moneychangers from the governmental temple was the very core of Lincoln-Jesus’s Change schtick during the campaign? So total is this betrayal, and so complicit in it are the 60 Democrats voting “yes” on the bill, that Specter’s Democratic primary opponent is now campaigning against it. What a difference a year makes.