Video: Franken refuses to give Lieberman extra time for ObamaCare speech

Nutroots porn from the Senate floor as Stuart Smalley silences the left’s hate object. If it were anyone else, this could be dismissed as simple Grayson-style pandering to liberals, but given Franken’s “issues,” his pique here might well be from the heart. It’ll be fun watching lefties simultaneously argue (a) that this has nothing to do with Lieberman and simply reflects the urgency of keeping things moving in the Senate and (b) that Franken totally pwn3d Traitor Joe, and isn’t it nice to see a liberal who’s willing to fight fight fight the corporate phonies who blah blah blah.

Honestly, I think the first theory bothers me more than the second. They’re so desperate to rush this travesty through by Christmas that they can’t spare literally a minute? Exit question: Lieberman says he doesn’t take it personally, but if you believe the left, his every waking moment is spent calculating revenge on his political enemies. How will he thwart Franken?