Gibbs on next week's elections: I don't think they portend much

The easiest question he’s gotten all week elicits the easiest answer. I’m amazed that the White House has taken such ownership of the three races everyone’s watching right now given the growing likelihood of a Republican sweep. Biden’s on his way to NY-23, one of Obama’s top advisors is managing Corzine’s campaign, and The One himself was in Virginia just this past week stumping for Creigh Deeds, who’s a dead man walking. I guess they figured they’d be blamed whether they campaigned for the Democratic candidates or not, but some of Obama’s own cachet is on the line now in a way it wouldn’t be if he and Biden had simply disengaged. If the GOP sweeps — and do note that Rasmussen’s new poll of likely voters has Chris Christie up three — I don’t know how he expects to muscle the Blue Dogs on ObamaCare, say.

Here’s Gibbs in damage control mode. For an expanded take on this same argument, read Peter Beinart. (Sample quote: “The more confident right-wing Republicans become, the more likely they will nominate a Palin-like zealot in 2012.”) And for a conservative rebuttal, read Michael Gerson, who thinks the looming landslide in Virginia may have less to do with the economy or federal spending than with the growing realization that our post-partisan Hopey/Changey president is actually managing a nasty, thin-skinned, hyperpartisan administration. I’m skeptical but I hope he’s right, because while the economy and spending may change, The One’s tone isn’t likely to. Click the image to watch.


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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023