The next GOP civil war: Cheney backing Hutchison over Rick Perry

You know what this means, don’t you? Dick Cheney on one side — and Sarahcuda on the other. For grassroots conservatives, this is like watching a knife fight between Reagan and Thatcher.

Which one’s the RINO here?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will join Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) on the campaign trail in her bid to unseat incumbent Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas).

The Hutchison campaign told the Austin American-Statesman Cheney would appear at a fundraiser next month to endorse Hutchison…

Perry has done much to appeal to conservatives in his own right. In March, Perry rejected federal stimulus funds directed toward unemployment claims, saying they had too many strings attached.

There’s only one way to decide who the truest “true conservative” is: Liz Cheney will have to play tiebreaker. Meanwhile, on the civil war’s northern front, you’ll be unsurprised yet nonetheless disappointed to know that the RNC chairman is backing the party’s nominee. To salve the wound, enjoy this clever takedown of Scozzafava by some of her, ahem, “supporters” — with one word of caution. If I’m right that most voters left in Team Dede’s camp are centrist or even slightly liberal and now have to decide between Hoffman and the Democrat, this could backfire big time.

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