Audio: Gingrich makes the case for Scozzafava

From today’s Andrew Wilkow show, via Wilkow’s producer Nick Rizzuto. As noted at the Corner, it’s true that Scozzafava is moderately conservative by the standards of New York Republicans — but measured against congressional Republicans, she’s way left. Newt polishes her credentials a bit here but does admit that she’s not the candidate he would have nominated. In which case … why’s he sticking with her? She’s embarrassing herself on a daily basis and Hoffman stands a decent chance to win if he can get some wind from big-name conservatives in his sails. Why puff Scozzafava up instead of making the switch? Even if she’s “dramatically better than the Democrat,” is she dramatically better than Hoffman? It’s a three-way race now, Newt. Embrace the possibilities.

Exit question: Thad McCotter’s supporting Scozzafava too? What?

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