Fox News poll: Only 43% would vote to reelect Obama

Don’t get too excited about his numbers. Peter Beinart’s right that presidents are usually rock solid for reelection if the economy’s improving on Election Day and The One still has plenty of time to make that happen.

But he surely doesn’t want to have to start from here:


His best issue right now is Iran? Good lord. Meanwhile, his overall approval rating’s a scant +4 this month, the lowest yet recorded by FNC, but that’s less interesting than the polling on ObamaCare. The sample this time included more Republicans than the one Fox used last month when it got a slew of disastrous feedback on health care, so no surprise that some of the numbers this month have gotten even worse. Still, the split among indies on health care in the question asked above was … 36/53. More:



That last question broke 46/37 last month; the spread’s actually growing as we get further into this clusterfark. Which probably isn’t enough to stop it, but enough to generate a GOP wave next year? Yeah, maybe. Especially if they go nuclear.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023