MSNBC guest: For Limbaugh, owning an NFL team would be like owning a plantation

Another iteration of the talking point du jour. Narratives, like flowers, don’t spring up overnight; they have to be carefully nurtured until they bloom. Consider this another little sprinkle from the water can. And please do note that the James Earl Ray nonsense she attributes to Limbaugh — which also happens to be a favorite of my moral superiors in the blogosphere — now makes two specious unsourced quotes he’s been tagged with on MSNBC in hopes of blocking his NFL bid. I say again: He should sue. They’re simply not going to fact-check this stuff unless and until he threatens them into doing so.

Exit question: Which rabid Republican said this of Rush’s bid for the Rams? “There’re now gonna be character tests for sports owners? There’ll only be three of them left. Unless they beat the Vikings Sunday as of next Thursday it will have been a full year since the Rams won a game. My God, if Limbaugh wants to buy them far be it for me to tell him he’s flushing his money down a rat hole.” Hmmmm. Click the image to watch.

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