Highland Fling: Scotland's Execrable First Racist Tosses Green Party From Power Deal in Last-Ditch Switch

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The despicable First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf, whom I have covered repeatedly for a myriad of sins (never once in a complimentary fashion) as he spread his fledgling fascist wings, has done himself a whopper of a wound today.


But, conversely, it will be a good thing for Scotland if that country is ever to rouse itself from the stupor it's been suffering through while the Scottish National Party, of which Humza Useless is the titular head, held complete sway to do as they wished.

Last week, Jazz wrote about Scotland's sudden retreat from its ruinous climate goals. These goals were set by the previous First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and wholeheartedly pursued by Useless, all enabled and in concert with their governing power partners in the Green Party.

This could prove to be one of those badly needed instances where cold, hard reality begins to set in and cooler heads prevail. Back in 2019, Scotland's former first minister Nicola Sturgeon made her country the first in the world to declare a "climate emergency" and shifted the government's priorities to address it. She set forth an ambitious set of goals that would slash greenhouse gas emissions in her country by 75% by 2030, with a final target of reaching "net zero" by 2045. But Scotland failed to reach nearly every annual goal that was set and last month their Climate Change Committee (CCC) declared that the 2030 goal was simply "unreachable." They're still talking about goals further down the line, but the policies that would be required to achieve them are simply unsustainable without wrecking the economy. (BBC)

Of course, heads exploded, but the Greens thought they were still cheek-by-jowl in the pantheons of power with Yousaf. After all, they'd evolved from pursuing unicorn farts, fossil fuel cuts, and forcing unreliable renewables down everyone's throats to actively and rabidly demanding gender therapies for children and allowing men in dresses in women's prison cells. All just as the First Minister and SNP themselves endorsed.



Why, just last week, Yousaf was affirming the very power-sharing deal between the SNP and Greens that had been crafted by the crafty Sturgeon in 2021. That framework gave her pretty much unfettered power in Parliament to impose all manner of Davos/WEF agenda items on her unsuspecting countrymen.

...Humza Yousaf was the only candidate to extol the virtues of the Bute House Agreement during his leadership campaign, and gave it his backing earlier this week.

..."He said the BHA was worth its weight in gold." 

Under the terms of the Bute House Agreement, The Scottish government and the Scottish Green Party had agreed to work together "to build a green economic recovery from COVID, respond to the climate emergency and create a fairer country".

The pact was signed by then-First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in August 2021.

Scots should have known they were screwed the second "create a fairer country" was part of any deal.

Anyway, that was so last week. In a surprise move today, no one was more shocked than the climate cultists when their biggest fan unceremoniously booted them to the curb.

The SNP has scrapped its powersharing deal with the Scottish Greens.

The Bute House Agreement was dropped by the Scottish Government following an emergency Cabinet meeting at Bute House in Edinburgh on Thursday morning.

Scottish Green Party co-leader Lorna Slater accused the SNP of "political cowardice" in a lengthy statement, saying: “This is an act of political cowardice by the SNP, who are selling out future generations to appease the most reactionary forces in the country.”

The end of the powersharing deal between the SNP and the Scottish Greens comes after an emergency cabinet meeting was held at the First Minister’s official residence on Thursday morning.


And - oh, my gosh - do the Greens ever have a big hurt on.

Ah, there's that Cass Report again. God bless the woman, and the Greens did everything they possibly could to help demonize her work and, as John reported, endanger her life.

Truth will out, though. Her work is the catalyst of a huge awakening and it is going to sweep these skeevey creatures out of power.

Plenty of people are also commenting about that press conference and how the progressive woke Greens had two women out there, but the man did the whining. Kind of funny and very unprogressive.

Yousaf, smack in the middle of trying to save his own bacon thanks to his hate crime legislation, among other serious missteps, couldn't handle the backlash and cut the loons loose. 

But in doing so, he may have fatally wounded his own party's leadership position because the Greens' forced exit now leaves the SNP vulnerable numbers-wise. Lord knows the SNP has nothing to be proud of.

...It is a measure of first minister Humza Yousaf’s misfortune that, after only a year in office, the Scottish National Party’s power-sharing deal with the Scottish Greens has collapsed. The coalition was formed in August 2021 under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, after the SNP failed to get a majority in that year’s Holyrood elections. Yousaf pulled the plug on the deal this morning, meaning he will rule in a minority administration.

Except, things are much worse than that. Scots have recently been beginning to question not just Yousaf’s own competence, not just the policy objectives of the SNP, but also the future of devolution itself. A succession of policy failures and unworkable laws has made a nonsense of inaugural first minister Donald Dewar’s pledge in 1999 to deliver ‘Scottish solutions to Scottish problems’. More like reckless solutions to issues that Scots never thought were problems in the first place.

The Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, vetoed by the UK government after a trans rapist was placed in a women’s prison, stands out as possibly the most misconceived piece of legislation ever passed by the Scottish parliament. It was passed by the entire parliament in 2022, including by the Labour and Liberal Democrat MSPs. It’s not just the SNP who are in the dock for demeaning devolution.

It was the same story with the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021, which came into force at the beginning of this month. It is now vying with the gender bill for the distinction of being the most unpopular law ever passed by Holyrood. The bill to outlaw ‘hate speech’, even in the family home, was of course Humza Yousaf’s baby. But Labour leader Anas Sarwar was one of the midwives.


Yousaf is being abused mightily in Parliament chambers...

...Mr Hoy said: “The collapse of this toxic coalition is an utter humiliation for Humza Yousaf, who hailed it as ‘worth its weight in gold’ and continued to back it to the hilt right until the end.

“The First Minister’s judgment is so poor that he couldn’t see what a malign influence the anti-growth Greens have been in government and his authority so weak that he was bounced into this U-turn by his own MSPs.

“It beggars belief that the Greens were invited into government in the first place – but even more astonishing that Humza Yousaf allowed them to call the shots on issues like abandoning oil and gas, further delays to dualling the A9 and A96, devastating fishing curbs and gender ideology.

“Humza Yousaf’s year as SNP leader has been a disastrous mix of scandals, infighting and policy U-turns. The collapse of the powersharing pact he staked his reputation on is not just humiliating, it highlights once again how inept and out of his depth he is.”

...and one of his fiercest critics now has the leverage to call for a vote of "no confidence."

It's delicious, isn't it?

Ross made it official later this afternoon.


They are having a field day.

Right about now, I wouldn't be putting any bets on Yousaf's horse to "show" less mind place when that no-confidence vote rolls around.

GB News is reporting the vote's going to be "tight."

I hope it's "don't let the door hit ya in the kilt on the way out" tight. 

Somebody else is tickled about the turn of events, too, and she has every reason to gloat.

Karma can be a Karen, that's for sure.

Couldn't happen to a worthier guy.

If they're lucky enough that it does - DON'T BLOW THIS CHANCE TO SAVE YOURSELVES, SCOTLAND.

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