Flashback video: Obama tells beloved, not-at-all-corrupt union to "paint the nation purple"

A palate cleanser dedicated to my boss, the biggest SEIU fan of all. Fun stuff, but let’s be fair: This was shot in early 2008, back when he was telling people whatever garbage he had to in order to get them on his side against Hillary. Remember how he was going to end “don’t ask, don’t tell” and win the “necessary war” in Afghanistan and do whatever it takes to stop Iran from getting the bomb? A sloppy kiss for the union thugs he’d eventually be counting on to fill seats at health-care town halls and maybe stomp an occasional conservative or two is a venial sin viewed from that perspective.

Besides, we’ve all seen the video of him from 2003 blowing smoke about single-payer in front of an AFSCME crowd. Telling unions what they want to hear is just sort of what he does.

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