Wonderful: State Dep't already backing off Obama's two-week deadline for Iranian nuclear inspections

I should have used a screencap of Obama for this but I think I’ve exhausted Hot Air’s arsenal on Olympics posts. Anyway, in case you thought that the Copenhagen debacle is today’s big international embarrassment, think again. The One laid down the two-week deadline yesterday at around 3 p.m. ET; this dispatch from The Hill was posted at 2:23 this afternoon. The big “ultimatum” didn’t last 24 hours.

A State Department spokesperson on Friday signaled the president’s mandate that Iran has two weeks to permit inspections of its recently unveiled uranium refinement plant was not “written in stone.”

“I don’t think that there’s a hard-and-fast deadline,” State Department Spokesperson Ian C. Kelley said during Friday’s press briefing, after a reporter asked what the consequences of Iran’s inaction might be.

“I think that we’ve made it quite clear this was a matter of some urgency; that we expected [Iran] to take urgent and concrete steps to open up this facility, and not only just open it up but also make sure that we were able to — or that the IAEA would be able to — talk to some of the engineers there and see documents and plans,” Kelly added.

No worries: Kelly promises that we’ll be coordinating with IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei, who, in case you missed last night’s Ron Paul post, you may recall is a notoriously corrupt Iranian stooge. How grim do things look now? So grim that even RINO HQ, a.k.a. the Daily Beast, is publishing pieces today warning that Obama’s getting hustled by both Iran and Russia. Exit question: How far will our ironclad, line-in-the-sand two-week deadline end up being extended? Over/under is the end of the year.