"Political payback": Michelle on Obama's Chicago Olympics cronyism

A fine illustration of the answer she’s given to critics of her book: No, it’s not that Obama and his inner circle are any more corrupt than other political chieftains, merely that they’re not any less corrupt, contrary to what the Hopenchange mythos would have you believe. That said, I politely disagree with my beloved boss’s assessment of The One’s “warped priorities” in making the trip tomorrow. As I said before, if the IOC cornered him on this, he has no choice politically. And it’s not as if he’s neglecting any duties on Afghanistan; he held a three-hour national-security meeting on the war just this afternoon. Plus, the left used to forever complain about Bush heading off to Crawford, as if to imply that he wouldn’t have a phone or a video teleconference hook-up just in case something somewhere went to hell; The One will be similarly appropriately outfitted on Air Force One, I’m sure. He’s getting on a plane, making a speech, then coming home — unless, per Bill Kristol’s prediction, he heads off for an impromptu Afghanistan visit first. What’s the big deal, really?

Fun fact: Olbermann’s segment tonight on Obama’s Copenhagen trip was entitled, I kid you not, “Is the GOP anti-Olympics?”

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