PPP poll: Palin's favorability at 37/55

Head-to-head with Obama, she’s steady from last month: He led her 52/38 in August and leads 53/38 now. But her favorables are in the toilet, dropping from 47/45 in July to 40/49 in August to … 37/55. The positive spin for Palin fans, I guess, is that the less the public sees of her, the worse she seems to do, which turns the conventional media wisdom on its head. Now that she’s reemerged to hit the lecture circuit, it’ll be interesting to see if she spikes up in October.

Another ominous trend: Her favorability among Republicans was higher last month than Huckabee’s even though he fared better against Obama overall (this month he trails by seven points after trailing in August by just three), but now he’s nudged past her even within the party.

He beats her among Republicans even in a hypothetical contest against Obama, winning 77 percent and losing just 13 while Palin tops out at 70 percent and loses 18. Even when you break it out by ideology, expecting the ‘Cuda to win big among conservatives, it’s a statistical wash:

Exit question: Where’s all the GOP Huck love coming from? Does he have that many fans of his Fox show? Or is he just drawing good vibes as the funny, genial southern guy, in contrast to the more polarizing personas of Palin and Romney?

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