Video: Should Obama have skipped Fox News yesterday?

Sure, why not? Scarborough’s right: The more adversarial Fox gets, replete with its own activist website and news producers literally cheerleading at mass protests organized against The One’s agenda, the less unseemly it is that Obama should choose to ignore them. Once a news outlet takes an “us and them” posture towards the president, it’s hard to fault him for making them choke on it; that’s why no one knocks Obama for refusing to do Rush’s show and no one knocked Bush for refusing to do Olbermann’s. And yes, granted, Chris Wallace is more evenhanded on his worst day than Rush or Olbermann is on his best, but why give Wallace a break with an interview when the rest of the network is arrayed against you? Especially when he’s shown that he’s willing to take off the gloves too.

The best argument to do Fox from Obama’s perspective is that it deprives them of crowing that he’s afraid to face them. But (a) he’s already faced both Wallace and Bill O’Reilly in the past, so that argument won’t wash and (b) Fox is going to crow anyway that the White House fears them whether he does the show or not. Why do them a favor?

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